Natural Art

And when the time of machine mind has ended, all we had left was the heart, breathing itself is the essence of being, being is natural art. In dreams everything's possible, peace can come and love remain. In dreams anything's possible, sweet dreams tonight, sweet dreams tonight, my love.


Keep Faith

Keep faith, take time, love grows and then again sometimes love seems to fade and die, but we know nothing really dies, things just change and rearrange, there is a conservation of information, there is a compilation of every situation, there is an instant in eternity that will always be the moment where we are. If you're here or if you're there in any time or place, in any cloud or any star, in every symbol there's a trace of the thing I most believe in, there's a pure love in your face, strength and grace, keep faith...


Pages gather dust, never being touched by human fingertips. The sound was made to end, silence will be golden then. Too much desire can make the heart grow cold, too much fire can burn your tender soul, never saw it come, never see it go. So I sleep all day, I'm up all night, my sense of time, is never right, and you steal the words right off my tongue, the song you sang, is the one I sung, when we were young.

Blue Basket

I'm as happy as I am convinced. I love you is ther term I'm using, and it fits. Take all your tears in a little blue basket and spread them out, you know I'll drink them down, love hurts but i'll take my chances. God knows it's all been acid angels 'til now. Been slow at outgrowing my weakness, and how. You've grown on me, my love, you see, there's neve any question of my love.

Broke Down

Broke down by the side of the road, waiting for my luck to change, sometimes it don't seem fair, still can't ever complain, cause when the time is right and the clouds roll back, the sun will shine and I'll be back on track, dancing to the music, playing in the flow, playing in the ocean by the road.  Two days passed and I'm still right here, sharing the grass with a couple of deer, started getting used to the tempo, and I've still got a bottle of beer. So I ain't that sorry and I ain't that sad, I ain't that worried, 'cause it ain't that bad...


Somewhere, nowhere, goodbye, someone. Something, between us, someway, somehow, somewhere. I'd rather make my heaven with you lying in my bed, better hope the good Lord finds us, before the devil knows we're dead. I'll be beside, the one you love, the other one. Mutual emotion, sparkle and devotion, perpetuous motion, too much, too much. Follow in your footsteps, I cannot forget, so long, so low, so sad this song's so slow..

Golden Dreams

Bring back the golden dream, I've got no way to sleep. Bring back the shining soul, finally the energy is whole. Bring back the one I love, she's got the light from above. Bring back the silent gaze, the visions of her smiling face. Bring me the air she breathes, her presence brings such peace. Send her the waves from my heart, tell her she's always a part of me


As the hart panteth after the water brook, so panteth my soul after thee oh God. Oh I think about Heaven and I smile, I think about heaven and I break down into a big grin. Things don't seem so bad, things don't seem so sad. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God, when shall I come and appear before God?

It's About Time

It's about time I wrote you a song now, It's about time I've loved you this long now, and I love you more and more, each moment since the moment I saw you, you still amaze me still drive me crazy, like the craziest of glue. I'm stuck on you, but in a good way, good way. It's about time I took my own advise, told you once but I better make it twice cause everything is three times as nice, now that you're in my life. And after Hello, I could have you Dancing on the Ceiling, you could be Three Times a Lady, All Night Long baby, Ballerina Girl, let me give you your dues cause I'm Stuck on You, like the craziest of glues! (notice the string of Linonel Ritchie song titles....)

Ways of Seeing

You can look but you never see, you can see but you don't believe, your eyes shine like the sun you used to be, you can dream but you can't awake, I can see but I'll never say, the heart said it was harder to look away. and I say baby, I think you maybe, the one I'm seeing in my dreams, the one where you saved me. Even with my eyes closed, I know the way the wind blows, I'm holding on, to letting go, 'til you let me know. You can look but you'll never see, you can see but you don't perceive, your eyes shine like the sunlight used to be,

Two or Three

Despite the obvious, I just can't help myself. I'm standing here, wasting whwre I think you are too. And you'd be the one for me, and I'd be your number two or three, but at least I'd still be...

When The Angel Came

When the angel came, I imagined I was dead, as I hit the ground, I heard a sound, and a light show filled my head. And the first thing I remember, I forgot most everything,and the only thing I could think of, was getting back to you somehow. When I almost died, you were my guide and star, light you are, light you are. And when it all came down, love and peace I found, was all I'll ever need, all I'll ever need.

more songs to come....