photos of Jubilee Gardens performing live & more

at The Palladium June 14, 2008

at Spin Stock May 2006

Dave, Dan, Jubilee, Mary & Rainer at Bringham Hill

Gail, Joe and Dave Hartwell

at Worcester Art Museum Feb 17, 2011



Paul, Dan & Gail
pictures taken over the years....... Paul Provost ~ photo by Jon Sher
Joe at WAM ~ photo by Jon Sher Ed, Dan. Gail, Jubilee, Joe
The All Powerful Ouddha playing at the Bringham Hill Community Barn Sept 15.,2007
Brian Martin & Gail outside at The Palladium with their favorite pose
Mary...her bowing will bring you to your knees!!!!! Meditation before the show
"I love this band!!!" Gail in the studio
our captive audience Master Gardener Paul Provost - our spiritual advisor and recording guru
Joe & Lui get in the grooooooove overheard @ the bar....."seeing this band is like floating on a cloud with a warm breeze in your face and a cold margarita in your hand"
gail at WAM ~ photo by Jon Sher The Mighty Ed Melikian making magic
photo by Herman Servatius in London